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Week ended 11/26/2010 ---- Markets this week

Today’s financial market is very sensitive to any bad news & things become worse if some responsible person began to give some irresponsible opinions. Let consider German chancellor  who said this week that  euro is facing  “ an extraordinary serious situation ” not only that  she describe the situation as “very worrying ”  &  her finance minister said that fate of EURO is “ at stake ”. Now will not these remarks make the market worst ?  But the impact is not limited against  US$  but it is helping to fuel the rally in Japanese currency across the board. Different people has different interest, who knows what is going on behind the scene !!!!

Slogan of the world , “ Depreciate your own currency ”.

In spite of issuing toooooo much bonds, USD is rallying, now this can be due to many causes, let consider where these investments will go if not in here ?  In Europe?  As we all know what is the debt situations in Europe, it was Greece, now it is Ireland & who can say next is  Portugal  or Spain  or  U.K. !   So are you going to invest  in these countries  where their bonds spread are rising  & their currency is suffering or will going to suffer ?   No,  not at all  ? So where these investments will go?  Certainly they cannot go in Japan better to say deflationary Japan.

Week ended 11/19/2010 -- Markets this week .

First, let see markets this week ---
IndexWeek ended Nov19(%)Week ended Nov 12GOLD1353-1.10%-1.90%DOW112030.10%-2%LONDON5732-1.10%

Market Review

So market is still going down around the world, this time some stocks  are facing huge corrections. Not only in stock market,  Gold has also come down from $1400 level to $1300 level as well as Oil from $88 level to $82  level . So correction is going around in most of the sectors.

Pullback or ????????

Looking at the inauguration of Asian games Chinese traders & investors will also be expecting that in their respective financial  markets, not only Chinese people but we all are expecting that.

All the big markets saw decreases in their respective index value , especially in the last day, market such as China  saw even  5% - 6% correction. In US like every were market was looking for an excuse to be down and  Cisco systems Inc.  provide that opportunity.


Market is something that not always goes in the manner as expected by us, even if it goes 60% correct as predicted then it is lot.

Market is going up, up  and up ………………………………, where it is going to stop !!!!!!

No chart patterns, no technical is working properly. May be these things are …………………… by some groups ?