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Year Ended 2010 –- World Economy this year .

There are many important events to remember in 2010, first that is European debt crisis, deteriorating economic condition of the U.S. and advance footsteps of Emerging countries. Let first see the result of different countries in year 2010 –
GDP of some Developed countries like Japan  and  U.S.  decreased in Q-2. Where their European counterparts have increased GDP growth rate  in that time frame. Where  the picture is opposite in Q-3, may be due 2nd round of economic problem that Europe is facing this year.

Week ended 12/24/2010 -- Markets this week

This week started with Korean tension but later situation improved and fears eased with the news of North Korean permission of nuclear inspectors.

Index Week ended Dec24 (%)
Week ended Dec17 (%)

OIL  (Feb) 91.51 3.28%

2008 level – Where they are right now .

Past few days I was thinking about the movement of different stock indexes in the world. I want to see how they move from 2008  high level. Indexes like  SENSEX, KOSPI and  JKSE, they have crossed their previous 2008 high  in this year. SENSEX has made a pull back after crossing the 2008 high, where as  JKSE is going to high after beating that level. In spite of Korean tension, KOSPI  is making the move in up ward direction and looking at the volume it looks to me that it may go more. Indexes like DOW JONES, BOVESPA, TAIWAN, FTSE  are close to touch, Brazilian index once missed the chance to touch the 2008 level and in coming days it may re-test that level.

Week ended 12/17/2010 -- Markets this week

Again a fall in EURO, after Moody’s downgrades Spain’s debt. Unemployment in UK increased by 35000 in October to 2.5 million. Industrial production of 16 EURO nations have increased as well as Germany’s  which is 3%.  Germany’s  central bank has forecast economic growth of 3.6% in 2010. IMF has approved fund of 22.5 billion EUROs for Ireland in 3 years. Irish republic also returned into growth between  July - September quarter. Let see the market this week -------

Index Week ended Dec17 (%)
Week ended Dec10(%)

OIL  (jan) 88.02 0.27%