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Week ended 02/25/2011 -- Market this week

As I told in my past writing, it is just a matter of time that a new crisis will be coming in some part of the world to make problem for stock traders as such Libyan crisis is making things really bad for those stock indexes which have already faced lot of corrections this year. In Euro zone area confidence in economic outlook increases more than economist’s expectation and that is led by Germany where it makes a fresh high in February. But defeat of German ruling party in recent election is a very important event and that in future may questions about German chancellor’s steps to rescue the Euro as well as Euro Zone economies. As I told in past that any change in behavior of Germany may bring more problems for those problematic countries of Euro Zone. After nearly 2 years Japan is facing trade deficit due to less export growth than expected and one of the main reason of this is Yen appreciation. Vietnam and Russia are some countries which have increase their interest rate to control th…

Week ended 02/18/2011 -- Market this week

As I told in past that rating agencies make lot of problems in financial world, last week Chinese banking regulator’s manifestation for banks to less depend on these agencies is quite good step for general investors. I think if the matter of rating comes then there must be some Govt. rating agencies, whom we rely more than these private organizations. We cannot forget the performances of these private rating agencies in sub-prime loan crisis. Every govt. should banned these private rating organizations.

Week ended 02/11/2011 -- Market this week

Inflation is haunting more or less around all Emerging countries. Many of them have increased their interest rate and many need to increase again because inflation is not coming under control. Though there is some better signs are coming like in India the CPI figure is lesser than it’s previous figure, where as South Korean central bank has left it’s main interest rate unchanged because they want to see the effect of rate increase which it made in last month. Vietnam has devalued it’s currency for controlling the price rise.  As a result of bad market, Indonesia’s national airline company Garuda’s share price plunged in the opening day by 17% from it’s IPO price. Indonesian economy grew 6.1% higher in 2010 than 2009, consumer spending is an important part in this growth. Now this can make the space for more rate increase in coming days. Markets this week were divided as country facing inflation fever and other countries which are not facing it as a big threat.

Week ended 02/4/2011 -- Market this week .

Import of inflation by most of the Emerging countries are spoiling the their markets all around the globe and this is causing some huge crash in some market like India, yes I am going to say it crash not correction. As I live in India I am seeing how much sentiments are effected by this crash. Now payroll data, looks like whole world was expecting some magic from it, but it brings some disappointment as it was not up to the mark.  Tension in Egypt not only costing them $310 million per day but it is effecting many other parts of the world and many other companies like Vodafone. So not only bad weather in Australia and US but also there are many ingredients which effect stock markets this week.