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Stock & Metal market reviews after 26th August, 2011.

Some are saying that Bernanke put the ball in the court of politicians but as I wrote in my previous topics that looking in recent scenarios I don’t think there will be major changes for US if QE-3 doesn’t appear soon. Because there are many other ingredients to keep up the liquidity in the system.Beside Bernanke’s speech major attraction of the week was Moody’s cut of Japan’s sovereign rating.

Currency Market review after 26th August, 2011.

Swiss FRANC was in pressure due to the fear of future action of policy maker’s to curb it’s strength, this week it dropped much against EURO and also against dollar. Story was also quite similar with Japanese YEN, as new measures may come in coming week.
CURRENCY 19th-August-2011 8/19/2011-8/26/2011 8/12/2011-8/19/2011

USD 73.814 -0.26% -0.80% EURO 1.45 0.76% 1.05% AUD 1.057 1.53% 0.57% YEN 76.855 0.80% -0.68% RUPEE 46.05 0.96% 0.37% SWISS FRANC

Treasury & Bond market review on 26th August, 2011.

Market was not disturbed by Bernanke’s speech, Treasury Yields were flat this week but things were not same for Greek Bond Yields as it is still rising. Nearly after 4 weeks Treasury Yields gave positive closing on weekly basis.
Yields 26th-August-2011 8/19/2011-8/26/2011 8/12/2011-8/19/2011

2-Year Treasury 0.2 4.16% 0.00% 5-Year Treasury 0.995 11.42% -6.68% 10-Year Treasury 2.202 6.58% -8.13% 30-Year Treasury 3.553 4.77% -8.94%
Spain is giving response to German and French call of solving Euro debt crisis but thing are not going easily for Greece as demand for collateral on their loan may create problem.

What is the current status of FTSE, as on 25th August, 2011 ?

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Stock & Metal market reviews after 19th August, 2011.

Many investors were expecting something from the talk of French and German leaders but they all were disappointed as well as the stock markets, as the leaders did not announce measures to tackle the European debt crisis. But some good news came from Europe as rating agency S&P showed their confidence on France’s AAA rating.

INDEX 19th-August-2011 8/12/2011-8/19/2011 8/5/2011-8/12/2011

DOW 10817 -4.01% -1.52% FTSE 5040 -5.26% 1.41% CAC 3016 -6.13% -1.98% DAX 5480 -8.62% -3.83% NIKKEI 8719 -2.72% -3.61%

Currency Market review after 19th August, 2011.

There were too much expectation in terms of intervention but Swiss central bank stopped short of announcing temporary peg to EURO. Now strong currency is not only disturbing for Swiss but authorities in Japan is also facing the same music, they tried to intervene but that is not working for long. As long YEN stays below 80 to the dollar it will effect their profits, so there is a chance that Japanese authorities will again intervene in coming days.
CURRENCY 19th-August-2011 8/12/2011-8/19/2011 8/5/2011-8/12/2011

USD 74.009 -0.80% 0.01% EURO 1.439 1.05% -0.28% AUD 1.041 0.57% -0.95% YEN 76.245 -0.68% -2.19% RUPEE 45.61 0.37% 1.42%