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Weekly Treasury & Bond market review after 30th September, 2011.

Already many experts are questioning about the German vote, as they are saying that it is not enough. Look like many are expecting or better to say, they are sure about Lehman like collapse of Greece. I don’t know about them but what I think that in future we may see a problem between the interest of two groups, one which favor creditors to take a haircuts on their Greece bond holdings and others who wants to save their financial institutions, because they are in suspicion about another round of sell-off in their respective stocks. The biggest beneficiary of operation Twist will be the long-term  US Treasuries and even before the starting of that operation we are seeing it’s effect on long-term Treasury Yields.
Yields 30th-Sep, 2011 9/23/2011-9/30/2011 9/16/2011-9/23/2011

2-Year Treasury 0.248 13.24% 28.82% 5-Year Treasury 0.95 10.59% -6.22% 10-Year Treasury 1.912 4.70% -11.05% 30-Year Treasury 2.907 0.41% -12.61%
As investors are getting the full picture of new stimulus, we can expect better performance b…

Weekly Stock & Metal market reviews after 23rd September, 2011.

Markets weredisappointed by the steps of US Federal reserve. On the other hand rating agencies probably forgot about those Greece banks otherwise they should be downgraded them before those French banks. Looking at these things European officials are preparing themselves to recapitalized 16 banks, who failed the stress test in last summer.
INDEX 23rd-Sep, 2011 9/16/2011-9/23/2011 9/9/2011-9/16/2011

DOW 10771 -6.41% 4.70% FTSE 5066 -5.62% 2.95% CAC 2810 -7.29% 1.91% DAX 5196 -6.76% 7.40% NIKKEI 8560 -3.42%

Brief review of Currency Market after 23rd September, 2011.

Forget about these Euro-area and US problem, “Currency War”, yes that may be the headline in coming future. Central banks of different countries are really afraid about the USD’s movement. Look like everyone is trying to protect their export. Here we shouldn’t forget that a strong dollar is also not good for US, as their export companies will not gain much from it.
CURRENCY 23rd-Sep, 2011 9/16/2011-9/23/2011 9/9/2011-9/16/2011

USD 78.501 2.48% -0.76% EURO 1.35 -2.10% 0.95% AUD 0.978 -5.59% -1.05% YEN 76.26 -0.79% -1.13% RUPEE 49.67

Weekly Treasury & Bond market review after 23rd September, 2011.

Many of us know about Newton’s  3rd law, every action has an equal opposite reaction. Now if we consider last week’s Chinese news about Italy is an action then this week downgrade was the reaction. This type of thing is quite expected. When talking about expectation, that must be high for Greek leaders after those austerity measures which they are taking.
Yields 23rd-Sep, 2011 9/16/2011-9/23/2011 9/9/2011-9/16/2011

2-Year Treasury 0.219 28.82% 0.59% 5-Year Treasury 0.859 -6.22% 13.93% 10-Year Treasury 1.826 -11.05% 3.63% 30-Year Treasury 2.895 -12.61% 2.09%
Fed’s announcement of buying long-term Treasuries (6 to 30 years) created more demand for these Treasuries, especially the 10 & 30 year versions. Their Yields declined more than others and their value especially the 30- Year Treasury was much this week.

What is the future & current status of FTSE, as on 22nd September, 2011 ?

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Weekly Stock & Metal market reviews after 16th September, 2011.

In early days of this week markets were in panic state after the news that Greece only has cash to operate until October but later it got some relief from Angela Merkel. There were lot of talks going on in Poland, between the mates of both side of the Atlantic but what is the net result ?  oh !   we have to wait little more for that. 

INDEX 16th-Sep, 2011 9/9/2011-9/16/2011 9/2/2011-9/9/2011

DOW 11509 4.70% -2.20% FTSE 5368 2.95% -1.47% CAC 3031 1.91% -5.52% DAX 5573 7.40% -6.30% NIKKEI 8864 1.45% -2.37% HANG SENG 19455 -2.06% -1.71% AUS 4149 -1.07% -1.13% SHANGHAI 2482