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Weekly Stock & Commodity market reviews after 28th October, 2011.

Markets welcomed the Euro deal, probably that was the headline of last Thursday as picture was different in Friday. Definitely Euro-zone bought more time but I am not sure whether to say Euro-zone or Greece !  And if it is Greece then other PIIGS…..  countries are going to haunt market in coming days.
Markets around the world rose beyond many of our expectations. Some are saying that before year end markets tend to be lower and it is waiting for another jump, this is one of the features of the market. I don’t understand clearly whether USD has any contribution behind this.

INDEX 28th-Oct, 2011 10/21/2011-10/28/2011 (%) 10/14/2011-10/21/2011

DOW 12231 3.58231707 -1.40% FTSE 5702 3.89941691 -0.40% CAC 3348 5.58183538 1.42% DAX 6346 6.29815745 -0.05% NIKKEI 9050 4.28670201

Weekly Currency market review after 28th October, 2011.

Euro advances for the 3rd straight week against the US dollar. After that Euro deal, in Thursday it showed a little bit reaction but again came down in Friday. Looks like investors are not totally satisfied with the Euro-deal. Japanese authorities know that what is going on with YEN, is purely a speculative activities. What I don’t understand why they are not taking any step !  I am sure that export growth in September is not the reason behind this delay.
CURRENCY 28th-Oct, 2011 10/21/2011-10/28/2011 (%) 10/14/2011-10/21/2011

USD 75.089 -1.709536 0.29% EURO 1.415 1.87185025 -0.14% AUD 1.07 3.08285164 -0.38% YEN 75.76 -0.4860108 1.59% RUPEE 48.82 -2.4770276