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DAX forecast for coming week ended 19th October, 2012.

Last week I was talking that if Dax does not able to maintain 7340 levels in early days then there is a chance that it may drop. 
Though it did form bearish lower tops but now I think that it may not react like a bearish pattern, in fact it may take couple of more days to continue this moves and looks like that it may break-out from that in coming week.  Dax is making these short-term lower tops in medium-term upward market (or descending triangle) then that generally signifies well but there is no guarantee. Even if we consider that the break-out will be in the upside even then I don’t think that it will be a big one, unless Dax breaks out 7500-7600 level convincingly a new bull run is not expected from here.

Long-term position of Dax is not totally clear, it has both the options open so taking a decisive call is difficult. I do not know for sure whether Dax is waiting for a break-out in the upside or it is going to react on that short-term bearish pattern, if that pattern triggers then Dax may test around 7000 level. On the other hand if we go with long-term reversals then it may drop up to around 6600 level (around 61.8% reversal).

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DAX forecast for coming week ended 15th March, 2013.

This week was very good for Dax, though it is getting resistance at 8100 range. Now it has a chance to test downside again. I think even if Dax tests lower levels, it has more chance to bounce back from around 7800 range and therefore it will again test upside.

On the other hand if it shows flat movements around 8000 range in initial days of the coming week then there is a chance that it may take a decisive call in later days. Considering the recent trends it has the chance to test higher levels may be around 8200 but that will be a very aggressive call after taking in to account the movement from last December. I will worry about the downside when Dax will be testing levels below 7600 ranges.
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Financial market is very much worried about the rate hike in US, probably this is going to come in coming December. But I think that is not going to change much of the things. Even Fed hikes rate in December it will be not so much, because we are forgetting one thing that interest rate in US is around zero so even they hike rate by 0.25-50% basis points (at most) in this year that will not be enough cause for Dollars to change their locations around the world especially markets have already discounted this coming rate hike in US.

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First I was thinking what should be the title of this posting? Will it be good if I write that big audit firms set the time for EU bank collapse! If someone is thinking that financial crisis is over then think twice because the coming EU banking crisis is no way less than 2008 financial crisis. The time bomb will explode at some point of time in future, the time has not yet set for it. In that tsunami, forget about the smaller if any major banks collapse then I will not be surprise.