Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dow Jones forecast for coming week ended 29th March, 2013.

Dow is now moving in around 14400–14600 zones, it may remain in this zone for some more time. In spite of that I think that it has a chance to test 14600 level again and that I am expecting in early to middle days of the coming week but one pre-condition is that Dow must maintain 14500 range in early days.

If Dow fails to cross 14600 range or drops below 14500 range then there is a chance that it may test lower ranges but 14200 may act as a good support zone for it. In fact in coming days even if Dow tests below 14200 zones there is a chance of sharp pull back to test upside again and in that scenario if Dow fails to break 14500 ranges convincingly then I will be concentrating on lower ranges, in that case things may become problematic in future.

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