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Dow Jones forecast for coming week ended 26th April, 2013.

Last day Dow’s close was better and now it may try little up moves but that will not be too convincing unless it is staying above around 14700 range, in that case it has more chance to drop. In fact if Dow comes down from that level then it may create a short-term bearish pattern which can take Dow towards below 14200 levels. But at this moment it will be better to talk about this bearish pattern only when Dow will be testing ranges below 14400. Even if Dow does not give any upside movements and only show couple of flat days then also there is a good chance to test lower levels.

Dow can negate these bearish environments only by testing upward levels though it is expected to test higher grounds in early to middle days but staying above 14700 ranges will be challenging for it.
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EURO forecast for coming week ended 26th April, 2013.

1.31 looks like a strong resistance for Euro so in coming week if it does not break that then there is a good chance that it may test lower ranges. But so long Euro respects 1.30 range, it has good chance to test higher ranges. If Euro breaks 1.31 ranges then it may follow an upward trend which indicates level above 1.32 in coming future.

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Dow Jones forecast for coming week ended 12th April, 2013.

Bulls must be very happy with the way Dow has recovered from its bottom in the last day of this week. In this moment around 14570 is the immediate resistance which Dow failed to break in the last day. Now Dow may show couple of flat moves in early days of the coming weeks.

So long Dow maintains 14400 range in the downside I think Dow has good chances to test more upside levels and that I am expecting in the middle days of the coming week. Here I must say if that upside movement happens, I will not consider that too convincing unless Dow continuously shows strength in those movements and it will be making lows above 14600 ranges.
If above prediction does not happen or Dow goes below around 14400 ranges then there is a good chance that Dow may test lower levels in later periods of the coming week. In that case I will not be surprise if Dow test levels around 14250 zones but that may not be totally for coming week.

KOSPI forecast for coming week ended 12th April, 2013.

In my earlier posting I told that now bearish option is more convincing, as such this week Kospi has prove that to some extent. Kospi is creating lot of options in both the sides so to predict a definite one is very hard this time. As sentiment is negative so I will be giving more emphasis on bearish options and lower lows and lower highs which Kospi is making during last one month also support that.

On the other hand so long Kospi maintains 1800 range I am keeping option of future bullish pattern, so if things reverse in coming week Kospi has options of making bullish pattern. But definitely by closing below 1940 range it has negated the medium-term bullish options which I was talking in my last posting. In the upside Kospi has resistance at 1980 range.
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