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Dax forecast for coming week ended 21st June, 2013.

Dax is following a bearish downward trend, last day’s close was supporting that. If this trend continues or Dax tries to trigger the probable bearish pattern which it is making then it may visit around 7900 level but it is hard to say that whether we are going to see that in a straight way or a gradual drops.
Dax can avoid this bearish trend by just maintaining that around 8100 range. I would like to talk about the bullish phase only when it will give stronger closings above 8300 level but now it looks far, so it is better first to look on the support of 8100 range and thereafter if Dax shows any strength then it will try to stay above 8200 level.
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Dow Jones forecast for coming week ended 7th June, 2013.

After a long time Dow Jones is showing sign of reversal but if we see last few reversals then I have a feeling that now Dow may not drop more. In fact just around 14900–15000 ranges, it has a strong support. So if Dow has to hold on its recent trends then Dow will again show up move but question about higher ranges will come only when it will show strength above around 15350 ranges. Some how that 15000 does not work then Dow has the chance for more correction and considering the uptrend which Dow showed during last couple of years a deeper correction cannot be ruled out. I think new long positions should be taken after considering the moves around 14900–15000 ranges.
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EURO forecast for coming week ended 7th June, 2013.

Euro is respecting 1.28 support level, last day was not good but if Euro maintains 1.29 ranges in early days of the coming week then it has good chance to test 1.32 level.
On the other hand if Euro does not able to stay above 1.29 and breaks 1.28 level then I will not be surprise if it reacts on a negative pattern which it is trying to make. If Euro triggers that negative pattern then it has a chance to test level below 1.26.

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