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Future of stock market.

I am listening the same music during last few years that market is going to crash but up to now it acts totally opposite for Dow Jones and also to some extent for Emerging markets and Euro zone. Recently Emerging markets have faced little volatility due to that US Fed’s tapering and currency related matters but that is far from a market crash.
As a trader I always feel that market is going to surprise many of us and recent cycle in Dow Jones I.A. is a good example of that. As we know that during last few years, Dow is not moving fundamentally but on easy money. If this trend in Dow continues then we may not see a major correction or I would say a big crash unless US economy finds itself on good track or I would say that US citizens can afford that.

In the last day Dow’s intra-day reverse movement was better but it is getting good resistance at around 15450 range. So long Dow Jones I.A. maintains 15400 ranges there is a chance that it may again reverse in the upside but if it drops more…